The Most Favoured Network

The Most Favoured Team

The Most Favoured team is made up of experienced Procurement management and supply chain experts and consultants who have negotiated contracts and Service-Level Agreements for millions of dollars in products and services for corporate clients, associations, and partners around the world.

Management Bios

John Arvanitis: Founder & President

John developed the concept for The Most Favoured Network after listening to the needs of small and large businesses over the last 30 years. His management and consulting experience has focused on Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Global Business Development, and Sales.
John has also been responsible for building and developing strategic relationships with suppliers and partners across across Europe, Asia, and North America, which have shown sustained win-win results. A graduate of Queen's University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, John also holds an MBA from the London Business School in the UK, and now lives in Toronto.


PHONE: (416) 602-8176